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Answering Your Questions: Member Dues

Each year, Luminus Financial answers questions from member-owners about annual dues which are automatically withdrawn from each members’ account on November 30th. For some of our newest member-owners, dues may be a brand-new thing. So, this year, we wanted to provide a brief summary of what member dues are, why they are important, and what value they bring to you as an owner of this credit union. Read More

Notice of Account Fee Changes

Each year, Luminus Financial reviews our account and service fees to ensure we are providing the best service to our Member-Owners for the lowest possible price. On December 4, 2023, a number of our account fees will be updated to reflect changes in service costs and to keep Luminus competitive. Read More

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We're making financial literacy fun! Click here to watch our educational videos on important financial topics like budgeting, loan basics, compound interest, and credit cards.

Our Promise to our Members

As a member-owner of Luminus Financial, you have our commitment to live up to our promise of a clearly better banking experience. Read More

ding free® from sea to sea

From BC to Newfoundland, our members have access to over 2400 surcharge-free ATMs. Added up, that’s a bigger ATM network than most banks. And it’s all ding free®Read More