Infinite Savings Account

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Your wealth, your way with a Luminus ISA

Welcome to a new era of savings—introducing the Luminus Infinite Savings Account (ISA). Experience the power of earning higher interest while enjoying unparalleled flexibility to withdraw your funds whenever you need them. This isn't just a savings account; it's a financial ally that adapts to your lifestyle.

Saving made easy

Our highest interest savings account
Flexibility to withdraw funds at any time
Your savings are secured and safe

Account features

Higher interest, your way
Watch your savings grow with higher interest rates, ensuring your money works harder for you. See our latest rates.
Freedom to withdraw
Enjoy the flexibility to withdraw your funds at any time, giving you control over your financial journey.
Versatile savings tools
Your deposits are eligible for registered, non-registered, and Tax-Free Savings (TFSA) accounts, offering you a range of options to suit your financial goals.
Zero deposit fees
Keep your savings intact with absolutely no fees on deposits, allowing you to maximize your returns hassle-free.
Your savings, secured
Insurable deposits are covered up to $250,000 through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario1, providing peace of mind for your financial future.
Infinite Savings Account

Why choose the Luminus ISA?

Elevate your savings experience with a high-interest account that adapts to your needs. The Luminus Infinite Savings Account empowers and fortifies your financial journey. Ready to embrace a future of financial growth and flexibility?

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