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Find the savings account that fits just right with your financial goals!
Whether you prefer the simplicity of our Classic Savings Account or the flexibility of our Infinite Savings Account, we've worked hard to offer savings products to simplify and streamline your financial journey.


Classic Savings Account

A straightforward and hassle-free approach to building your financial nest egg.
  • Daily interest: Watch your savings grow with daily interest.
  • Simple deposits: Deposit your way with branch, mail, electronic transfer, payroll, direct deposit, or ATM options.
  • Flexible access: Access funds your way, online, in-branch, and more.
  • Straightforward fees: Enjoy minimal fees for manual transactions.

Infinite Savings Account

Experience the power of earning higher interest while enjoying unparalleled flexibility.
  • High-interest saving: Earn more with our highest interest savings account.
  • Flexible withdrawals: Withdraw funds at any time without penalty.
  • Diverse savings options: Pair with eligible registered and non-registered products to grow your savings even faster.
  • No deposit fees: Enjoy absolutely no fees on your deposits.
  • Peace of mind: Your savings are secured through the FSRA1.

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Testimonials from members

Luke and the team at Loomo have done a great job creating our brand and getting our business noticed. I highly recommend them for your marketing needs.
Darren Williams
The Laura Ballance Media Group used Loomo Marketing to reinvent our web presence. We found them to be incredibly strategic, effective and friendly at all levels - from the owner on down. They were extremely responsive, consistently bringing innovative solutions to the table that met our customized needs. I would highly recommend the Loomo team for anyone looking to raise their game in the digital space.
Jeremy Whittingstall
They have taken our national branding & communication to a whole new level. Organized, reliable for deadlines & pricing - they truly go above & beyond - so impressed with their top notch work.
Luke Taylor

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