US Chequing Account

Convenient banking, beyond borders


Simplify your cross-border banking experience

Discover the ultimate solution tailored for Canadian banking members with frequent trips to the US or those holding US assets. The US Chequing Account from Luminus Financial is your gateway to efficient and simple cross-border financial management.

Your ideal US Chequing Account

Earn daily interest on US funds
Switch to CAD when rates are favourable
No charge on in-branch deposits

Account features

Optimal currency exchange
Buy US dollars when your Canadian dollar is at par or better, ensuring you make the most of favorable exchange rates. Manage your US funds conveniently within this specialized account.
All transactions in US dollars
Enjoy the ease of conducting all transactions and managing your account entirely in US dollars. Simplify your financial transactions across borders without the hassle of currency conversions.
No-charge in-branch deposits
Make in-branch deposits seamlessly without incurring additional charges. Our commitment to convenience extends to ensuring your deposits are cost-free.
Daily interest on balances
Watch your account balances grow with daily interest accrual. At the end of each month, earned interest is paid directly into your US Chequing Account, maximizing the returns on your US dollar holdings.

Travel confidently with the Luminus Financial currency exchange and travel insurance

Embark on worry-free travels or indulge in global online shopping with our unbeatable foreign currency exchange rates. Luminus Financial offers a diverse range of banknotes, including US dollars, Euros, Brazilian reals, Hong Kong dollars, and more.

You can also secure your trip with Travel Insurance from CUMIS. Contact them at 1-800-810-2847, or visit to get an online quote.

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