Classic Chequing Account

A practical account that just makes sense


Your financial essentials, your way

Discover effortless banking with the Luminus Financial Classic Chequing Account. Tailored to suit your day-to-day financial needs, this account allows you to pay only for the services you use, giving you ultimate control over your finances.

Simple and transparent

Easy to understand pricing
Know exactly what you're paying for each month. No surprises, just straightforward and fair pricing.
Flexibility in your hands
Whether you're a heavy user or someone who prefers minimal transactions, the Classic Chequing Account adapts to your lifestyle.
Convenient access
Seamlessly manage your day-to-day finances with free in-branch and electronic deposits.

Account features

Pay-as-you-go pricing
With the Classic Chequing Account, you pay only for the services you use to manage your daily finances. Whether it's bill payments, deposits, withdrawals, or more, you have the flexibility to choose and pay for what you need. See our fees.
Buyer protection
Shop with confidence! Your purchases are shielded for 120 days, whether it's a stolen gadget, a broken appliance, or even a gift damaged in an unforeseen mishap.
Extended warranty
Double the warranty on your purchases for up to two years, all at no extra cost. No applications, no fees—just added peace of mind for your valued possessions.

Discover unmatched protection for your purchases with Luminus Financial!

Get an in-depth look at our exclusive buyer protection, only for credit union members!
As a Luminus Financial member, you get exclusive access to our buyer protection and extended warranty programs, facilitating a stress-free shopping experience.

Enjoy 120-day coverage for most retail items, including gifts, against theft, damage, and more. Plus, our extended warranty doubles your warranty period for up to two years, all seamlessly integrated with your Luminus MEMBER CARD®.

Experience a new level of security and peace of mind with Luminus Financial.

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