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When picturing your investment future, what do you see? Regardless of whether your aspirations are ambitious or modest, they are uniquely yours and hold significant importance. At Luminus Financial, we commit ourselves as your dedicated partner in transforming these dreams into reality. Allow us to guide you on this path, whether you are taking your first steps into investing or aiming to enhance, diversify, and protect your existing investments.

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Term Deposits – GICs

GICs offer a fixed interest rate over a specified term, providing you with a reliable and predictable investment. With various terms available to suit your financial goals, Term Deposit GICs at Luminus Financial ensure the safety of your principal amount while earning competitive returns.
  • With guaranteed returns and a fixed interest rate, Term Deposits shield investors from market volatility.
  • For those seeking a reliable income stream, Term Deposits can contribute to financial stability.


RRSPs provide a tax-advantaged way to save for the future, allowing your investments to grow tax-free until withdrawal. Contributions to your RRSP also provide annual tax deductions, offering immediate financial benefits.
  • Contributions to your RRSP are tax-deductible, lowering your taxable income and reducing your tax bill in the contribution year.
  • Investments in an RRSP grow tax-free, compounding over time until you are ready for withdrawal.
  • RRSPs offer a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more.


Contribute, watch your money grow, and enjoy tax-free withdrawals. Whether for short-term goals or building a future nest egg, our TFSA offers a tax-efficient solution tailored to your financial aspirations.
  • Your contributions grow tax-free.
  • Withdraw money from your TFSA at any time for a purchase or your retirement.
  • TFSA withdrawals aren’t considered as income.


Secure your child's future with a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) from Luminus Financial. Contribute regularly, and watch your contributions grow tax-free until withdrawal. Plus, with the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), your savings can receive an additional boost.
  • Investment income grows tax-free until it is withdrawn.
  • RESP withdrawals are flexible and can be used to cover various educational expenses, including tuition, books, and living expenses.


When you are ready to retire, transition seamlessly from your RRSP to an RRIF, and watch your savings continue to grow tax-deferred while providing a steady income stream. RRIFs offer flexibility in withdrawals and are designed to align with your unique financial needs.
  • RRIFs offer flexibility in the withdrawal of funds during retirement.
  • Similar to RRSPs, investments held within a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) continue to grow tax-deferred.

Investment Shares

Enjoy consistent annual returns* while contributing to the credit union's capital base with Luminus Investment Shares. Plus, Investment Shares pave the way for a stronger, more technologically advanced, and financially secure institution.
  • Enjoy attractive average annual returns of 3.30%.1
  • Investment Shares contribute directly to the capital base of the credit union, supporting our financial stability while allowing for growth initiatives.
  • The funds raised through Investment Shares empower Luminus Financial to invest in cutting-edge services and technology.
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RRSP Loans

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With Luminus Financial, you can take advantage of competitive interest rates, personalized repayment options, and the freedom to boost your RRSP to its full potential. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a more robust retirement savings plan.

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