Consolidation Loan

Introducing the One Stop + One Payment + One Solution Consolidation Loan

At Luminus Financial, we understand that our members may be juggling an active lifestyle, vaguely aware of the hassle, expense and perils from having outstanding loans scattered across multiple debt sources, such as car loans, lines of credit, credit cards, etc.

Does this sound like you?

It certainly sounds like one of our members—Kirsten. Kirsten is open to an easy, hassle-free, and convenient way to save money, time and effort by streamlining her debt into one consolidated loan. She doesn’t have a lot of free time on her hands. She is constantly on the go, attending meetings, running errands, working out, picking up groceries, kids, pets, etc. Every day is a whirlwind of activity. The last thing she needs is an overdue payment that falls through the crack because she misplaced the notice or forgot the payment due date.

For Kirsten, the Luminus consolidation solution helps balance her life by offering a single, easily managed debt loan product with competitive rates. With her active lifestyle, we give her one less thing to worry about. She only needs to make one easy loan payment and enjoys a variety of products and services she needs.

At Luminus, we customize our products according to each member’s needs. Our goal is to make your life simple, so you can have more time to relax and enjoy peace-of-mind. With average debt levels of $20,000, you could save more than $6700 in interest over 4 years* with the Luminus Financial One Stop + One Payment + One Solution Consolidation Loan. For full details, and to apply, just call us today at 416.366.5534 or 1.877.782.7639 – or Apply online today!

*Savings presented are based on the average Ontario debt on a 4 year tern at an average interest rate of 6.00%. All loans are granted on approved credit and interest rate may vary.